Edmonton Moving Services

Edmonton Moving Services 2 Burley Men Moving Edmonton has quickly become the premier provider in the Edmonton moving services sector. As a moving, storage, and logistics company with deep roots in Western Canada, 2 Burley Men has always been family owned and operated. Our Edmonton Moving Services Include: Prompt, professional telephone and email communications. Our … Read more

Calgary Moving Services

Moving Services Calgary 2 Burley Men has a reputation as one of the premier moving services in Calgary. Our team has deep roots in the Calgary community and that shows every day in the way that our team is built, trained, and run on a day-to-day basis. Our Calgary management team is a well oiled … Read more

Calgary Real Estate Update

Calgary Real Estate Update The Covid 19 pandemic continues to affect house prices worldwide and Calgary is no exception. In fact, it’s not only Calgary’s house prices that have been affected, but also the volume of sales. Sales in May were actually up over April with 1,080 units sold but that is a 44% decline … Read more

Community Involvement

2 Burley Men Moving Community Involvement From the beginning, Scott Burley had a vision of creating a moving company that is committed to contributing to the communities where we work. Together with his son Josh – the second Burley Man in the company name, 2 Burley Men Moving has always worked to find community organizations … Read more