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2 Burley Men has a reputation as one of the premier moving services in Calgary. Our team has deep roots in the Calgary community and that shows every day in the way that our team is built, trained, and run on a day-to-day basis. Our Calgary management team is a well oiled machine that has learned through the years how to recruit the best talent in southern Alberta. Having a diverse employment team in our local Calgary offices has helped us to keep our moving trucks staffed with experienced drivers and movers through some very challenging world-wide staffing shortages.

Once the moving team has been hired we have a rigorous training system that has been developed through years of experience in the moving services industry in the Calgary market. Our training team helps new recruits to understand how we want our customers and their possessions to be treated on moving day and beyond. Our goal at 2 Burley Men Moving in Calgary is that our clients trust that we will not only give them a great price, but that our moving crews will treat their belongings like their own.

Our Moving Services in Calgary

We provide a detailed moving estimate process. Done over the phone, our sales team will walk you through your home and determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms, storage areas, and garages you have. This will enable us to estimate how much truck room you will need, how many movers, and how much time your move will take. Our customers appreciate our straight-forward pricing based on the time it takes to load the truck, plus the number of movers needed to complete the job.

Our moving centre, located in central Calgary, has all the moving supplies you need to get ready for your moving day. We carry boxes of all sizes including large and small wardrobes, mirror and picture boxes, and dish boxes. You’ll find mattress bags, shrink wrap, packing tape, and much more in our warehouse. We are happy to deliver your moving supplies right to your door, or you can come to our offices at 1221 45th Ave NE in Calgary to pick up whatever you may need.

Our Calgary moving services team can do all of your packing for you. We have all the necessary packing supplies and gentle, careful, professional movers ready to pack your home so it’s ready for a safe and break-free moving day. We will work together to determine how many packers you will need and what day you’d like to be completely packed and ready for your moving day. Our moving services teams know just how to pack everything from lamps (never keep the shade on for moving day!), to dishes, glass ware, occasional tables, and more. We use dozens of moving blankets and shrink-wrap to make sure that all of your wooden furniture is fully covered and protected. We use a similar technique to protect large LED televisions, sofas, chairs, bed frames, and more.

Moving Day

When your moving day does arrive, of course our professional team will be there on time and ready to load your truck. One of the hallmarks of our Calgary moving services team is communication. From the time you book your moving day. You’ll receive an email confirming your moving day and time, detailing your number of movers and how many hours we’ve booked out for your move. This will allow you to review the details and make any necessary changes well in advance of your moving day. You will receive a reminder email the day before the move stating the day and time of our arrival at your home. Of course, on the moving day itself your moving services team will keep in contact with you by text and phone in case there are any variations in the schedule. This is just one of the reasons we’re known as one of the top Calgary Moving Companies.

Upon arrival at your new home our Calgary based moving services team will not just unload the truck, but help you to place furniture, stack boxes in the appropriate rooms, position any appliances where they need to be, and more. Our motto is “nothing is too much trouble” on moving day. We want our customers to be happy with how we finish the job and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Our moving services team will be in contact after your move day too. We always follow up with a text message asking how your moving day went and asking for your feedback in order to help refine our process, help our movers improve, and hear about how we did with your moving day.

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