Community Involvement

2 Burley Men Moving Community Involvement

From the beginning, Scott Burley had a vision of creating a moving company that is committed to contributing to the communities where we work. Together with his son Josh – the second Burley Man in the company name, 2 Burley Men Moving has always worked to find community organizations that need a little extra help and also align with our community values.

For many years we have worked hard to support CFAX Victoria’s Santa’s Anonymous. We are always proud to be on hand to provide transportation support for the toy collection as well as a financial contribution each year. This charitable program aligns nicely with our commitment to enriching the lives of children in the communities that support our business. We believe that if we can help to support children in our community we increase the chance that those children will grow up to be happy, well adjusted and thriving contributors to the community when they become adults.

To that end, this year (2017) we began a partnership with 2 elementary schools. Fairview Community School in Nanaimo, and Victoria West Elementary School in Victoria. Because we believe that starting the day with a nutritious meal is essential, we wanted to provide that meal where a child would otherwise have to start their day hungry. Lunch programs are quite common in Canadian schools, but research shows that 1 in 5 Canadian children start the school day hungry. Among immigrants and newcomers that risk is 2.5 times higher. In Aboriginal communities the figure is 1 in 2.

Each school has received a $10,000 donation to cover the cost of a nutritious morning meal for any student who either cannot afford to eat at home, ran out of time, or just didn’t feel hungry before leaving home. As 60% of learning happens before lunchtime this meal is crucial to a student’s learning.

Where a school is located plays a crucial part in it’s ability to raise money for ‘extras’ such as meal programs, or playground and sports equipment. While new playground fundraising may take a school in Gordon Head 6 months to raise, a school like Vic West Elementary can spend years trying to raise the same amount. This ability is how we decided on our first two schools.

Next year we would like to expand our breakfast program to include more schools. If you know of a school that could most benefit from a $10,000 breakfast program please let us know about them. Please email or call us at 1-844-849-4558. We would like to give back to the many communities across Vancouver Island that support us so generously each year.

Fairview Community School – Nanaimo

Fairview Community School in Nanaimo has a rich and vibrant mix of students, staff, and parents creating a true community feel to the school. Knowing that all students will start the day well fed without having to divert essential funds from other programs will make school life for all concerned a little more care-free!

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Victoria West Elementary School – Victoria

Vic West Elementary is just around the corner from our headquarters on Esquimalt Road. The students and staff at Vic West Elementary are a vibrant bunch of people with a passion for learning and commitment to supporting each other’s learning experience. Many of the students at Vic West Elementary need a healthy bit to eat at the start of the day and we are very happy to provide through our school breakfast program.

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