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2 Burley Men Moving offers local and long-haul moving services in Kelowna and the entire South Okanagan region. In business for over a decade now, 2 Burley Men began as a discount local mover on Vancouver Island. Expanding into local moves in the Kelowna region was a natural fit as the Burley family has deep ties in the Okanagan. We have 3 ton, 5 ton, and 7 ton moving trucks based locally in West Kelowna. While we still specialize in affordable, small local Kelowna moves we also offer moving services across the Okanagan, the province, the country, and the world.

One of the challenges in becoming one of Kelowna’s top moving companies is how spread out the population is in the area. We base our trucks in West Kelowna and dispatch them to communities from Vernon to Kelowna to Penticton. With the mountainous terrain and well documented traffic challenges we came to the conclusion that charging a small travel fee for communities outside Kelowna was the most fair way to keep our prices low while allowing those from Kelowna’s surrounding communities to book an affordable 2 Burley Men move as well.

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Covering the Okanagan Valley

We cover the entire region when it comes to local or regional moves. Whether you’re in Vernon, Penticton, or anywhere in-between. Call our local Kelowna phone number at 604-556-6889 or drop us an email and we’ll call you to walk through our estimate process and get you moved in your local Okanagan community or across the country. Our moving trucks are on the road in Kelowna every day moving our customers across town or across the country. From Westbank to Kelowna Airport, South Kelowna to Ellison Lake – we cover local Kelowna moving like no other moving company.

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Best Kelowna Moving Services

Competition in the moving industry is fierce. In Kelowna it goes to another level. With our extensive experience in the business, 2 Burley Men Moving Services is positioned ideally to offer the residents of Kelowna and surrounding areas with the best service, the best price, and the best referral rate of any local or long distance mover. We successfully complete over a thousand moves per month all over BC and Alberta and while no mover has a perfect star review average, 2 Burley Men Movers is honoured to have a customer referral rate over 96%.

Kelowna has a newcomers club designed just for new residents to the city. They welcome anyone new to the city and have all kinds of mixers and activities where you can meet other newcomers to the area and explore the city at the same time.

You can explore some of the best Kelowna golf courses, go snowshoeing, walking and hiking, and even gardening. Find some new friends to explore some of the best Kelowna restaurants and cafes, tour the city and explore art galleries and shops.

The City of Kelowna has a great website with tons of valuable information about everything from business services to opportunities to explore parks and recreation.

If you’re not just new to Kelowna, but also new to Canada, you’ll want to explore the KCR website at for information about settlement and integration services, employment services, and even help learning English.

Check back here soon for lots of information to hlep you get around and feel at home in Kelowna.

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