Edmonton Moving Services

Edmonton Moving Services

2 Burley Men Moving Edmonton has quickly become the premier provider in the Edmonton moving services sector. As a moving, storage, and logistics company with deep roots in Western Canada, 2 Burley Men has always been family owned and operated.

Our Edmonton Moving Services Include:

Prompt, professional telephone and email communications. Our Edmonton offices are staffed Monday to Saturday 8am to 10pm and Sundays 8am to 8pm. Our staff are trained to help each caller to create an estimate of how much furniture and belongings they have and can then quite accurately estimate what size truck will be needed, how many movers will be required, and how many hours it is likely to take to complete the job. At 2 Burley Men Moving we use this system to streamline the estimate process, reducing costs associated with in-person teams of estimators. We stress that we provide our Edmonton customers with estimates only and not a ‘quote’. There are far too many variables associated with the moving process to give a firm price quote ahead of the actual move.

Our moving services system extends communication to our Edmonton customers right up to the day of your move and beyond. Once you have booked your move with us, we will email you a confirmation that will outline the date and time of your move, the size of your truck, number of movers, and the length of time booked out to move you to your new home and unload and place your furniture and boxes. This way, if there has been any miscommunication or error you can spot it and have us correct it long before moving day arrives. We’ll remind you of your moving appointment the day before the move, and then our team will be in contact with you on the big day to let you know when to expect them. Once your move is complete, we’ll send you a text message giving you the opportunity to provide us with any feedback you may have about how we did with your move and asking you to review the job we did for you.

We are proud to recruit professional movers and drivers from all over the Edmonton and Alberta regions. Hiring and training the right staff is really the lynch pin of any business in the 2020’s. Moving services is no different. In fact recruiting reliable, clean, polite people who are willing to move refrigerators and sofas all day is incredibly challenging! This is where our training system is so indispensable. We know how to find just the right people, often through our social media channels and referrals from current and past employees. Once we have the right people training them on the correct way to pack, wrap, and move is a process that we’ve honed over more than a decade in the local and long distance moving services game.

Your local Edmonton or long distance move could start before moving day. Our Edmonton moving services team could be at your current home packing your belongings getting you all ready for moving day. Our well trained team can pack your boxes, wrap your furniture, and even properly protect your expensive televisions so that you can be sure they will arrive at your new home exactly the way they were when they left your last home. Just give us a call on our local Edmonton phone number, 780-250-6966 to arrange for our packing team to save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Of course, what you can expect on your actual moving day is of paramount importance. Your moving services team will be in contact once they are in the truck and on the road to your home so that you know when to expect them. Our moving teams always carry the tools of the moving trade on the truck with them so that you can be assured that your beds can be dis-assembled, mattresses covered, and tv’s wrapped before it’s all loaded onto the truck. Upon arrival at your new home, whether it’s in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada, our professional Edmonton movers will unload the truck with great care and place boxes, furniture and the rest of your belongings in the appropriate rooms in your new home. Our team will be happy to help you set up your beds, unwrap your furniture, and place your sofa in just the right spot!

If you have any questions about any of our Edmonton moving services, please feel free to reach out by phone or by email. Just hop over to our contact page and drop us a line.

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