The Costco Connection

The Costco Connection

Buying something big like a bed, mattress, or furniture from Costco? Not many people have a vehicle big enough to drag that big piece of furniture back home again. This presents quite a dilemma. You don’t know if what you want is on the shelf until you get to the store right? We all know that what was there yesterday may very well be gone today – never to return.

2 Burley Men are (almost) always available to stop at Costco (or any other big box or home reno store) to pick up your purchases and drop them off at your home. Keep in mind that the end of the month is the busiest time for us, although we can usually fit in a quick delivery even at our busiest times.

So just drop by Costco, find the item you want and just before you pay for it, give us a call to arrange for pick up. This is important, because Costco will only hold your item at the customer service desk until the end of the day (and they like it picked up asap!). You’ll want to be sure we can pick up for you on the same day. We’ll be able to give you a window of time when we’ll be at the store.

Once pickup is arranged just purchase the item and head to the customer service counter. This is the small desk back toward the washrooms, not the large counter near the exit. Let them know that 2 Burley Men will be picking it up and they will fill out a form with you. Now you can just leave it there and we’ll be by shortly to pick up and deliver to you at home.

It may be worth speaking to the person at the customer service desk before paying for you item. Costco has very little space to store those large items after purchase. There is no back room or storage area. Your item will just be sitting next to the desk until pickup. If they already have multiple items there they may refuse to allow you to leave it. You used to be able to leave it there until later in the week, but they now will not keep it past close of business on the day of purchase.

Let us know in the comments any issues you’ve had purchasing large items where delivery is not included. We want to work with our customers to make these kind of transactions as smooth as possible.