Terms & Conditions


Our rates include a basic coverage of $0.60 per pound per article at no charge. Coverage is based upon the items fair and reasonable age, value and condition at the time of move.

Our plan provides the following coverage:

  • Repair of damaged areas only (such as wall dents) as a result of our actions.
  • Coverage only applies to items well built, sturdy, new, nearly new, antique and fit for travel.

The following items can and may affect these terms and conditions:

  • Actions of clients, associates or 3rd parties during the move.
  • Situations our movers consider dangerous to customers their belongings, their property or 3rd party property, personnel, 2 Burley men employees or equipment and or 3rd parties.


The client or their designate are required to attend load and unload process until completion.

Coverage does not apply to:

  • Press board furniture
  • Boxes and contents packed by clients or 3rd parties
  • Couch Hoists
  • Items with pre-existing conditions that may jeopardize their safe transport
  • Concrete, marble, stone or other natural materials
  • Glass or glass table tops unless adequately boxed or crated for travel
  • Mirrors, pictures, lamps or other light fixtures unless adequately boxed or crated for travel
  • Motorized vehicles and equipment unless crated for shipping – ALL FLUIDS MUST BE DRAINED BEFORE SHIPPING
  • Internal components to electrical devices
  • Items taken to storage unless adequate protective covering is provided or purchased from 2 Burley men
  • Contents of boxed items removed from storage
  • Any additional extraordinary items unless adequately boxed or crated for shipping

Protection Plan Coverage and Payment

Any Damage or loss sustained during move and identified at that time does not release client from obligation to pay all related charges for move, products and services at time of completion.

2 Burley Men Moving reserve the right to ask for and then receive payment in full before move is completed.

Submitting a Claim

A $50 deductible charge / payment to 2 Burley Men applies to all claims.

All claims must be submitted in writing within 14 days of move completion.

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  1. Thank you for the exceptional service. Nick and Johnny we’re pleasant, efficient, and most importantly careful with our items. The move was completed in one day door to door and within the price range quoted. We will recommend your services again.


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