It’s A Long Long Way

It’s A Long Long Way Sometimes we just have to stand up and ? our guys. Cambo took this video of a recent move where the suite was at the back of the house (with a killer view!). The long and winding pathway to the truck looks like a killer, but 2 Burley Men got the job done … Read more


FUN FACT 42% of young adults age 20 – 29 live in their parents home. Either because they never left or they’re back after living on their own. That’s up from 27% in 1981. 60% of those between 20 – 24 live at home compared with just 11% in 1981. What’s keeping you living with … Read more

2 Burley Men Moving Vancouver Island BC

2 Burley Men Moving Vancouver Island BC

At 2 Burley Men Moving we are proud of our home community in Victoria and love the Vancouver Island lifestyle. We move everything from small one bed apartments to massive homes and business and government moves too! Multiple times per week we’re rolling onto the ferries in Victoria and Nanaimo moving our awesome clients to the Lower Mainland and beyond.

Hoist Away Boys!

The other day one of our amazing customers left us a very nice review on our Facebook page:

I had a great experience with this company on May 7th with my move from downtown Victoria to Saanich. Donovan Beckett, James and David took extreme care with my leather couch and loveseat and other furniture. Their work was very professional and they were great guys to talk to! When we arrived at my new apartment they realized that a couch hoist to my balcony on the 3rd floor would be necessary. These guys were awesome and knew exactly how the get the job done…and voila! My leather couch was quickly in my living room! I took photos of the couch hoist that I’d like to share. Thank you guys, I know exactly who I’m going to call for my next move.

Trish even submitted some photos she took of the big event. Thanks for the review and the photos Trish!

Boxes Stacked On Boxes!

Boxes Stacked On Boxes!

Boxes and other packing materials are an essential part of the moving process. 2 Burley Men want to be your one-stop moving shop. When we order moving supplies we want to be able to offer the best prices possible to you, our customer. So we order boxes by the truckload. When that truck first arrives it can get a little crowded around here with stacks of flat-pack boxes crowding our warehouse and spilling over into office areas. The good news is that the stacks make decent office cubicle dividers!

Check out our moving supplies page for great prices on great moving supplies. We are happy to deliver your order right to your home within the Victoria area – otherwise you are welcome to stop by our offices at 858 Esquimalt Road to stock up on all the boxes you’ll need. Go ahead and over buy…you can return any flat, unused boxes that you don’t need.

Moving From an Apartment in Victoria or Nanaimo BC

Moving From an Apartment in Victoria or Nanaimo BC

Are you moving from an apartment?  Are you wondering if you will need the help of a moving team if it is just a room or two that you will be moving?  If you are wondering, the answer to this will be dependent on how much stuff you have to move.

In moving from one apartment to the next, you usually do not need a huge truck.  One 10-foot truck is going to be enough but of course, if you have antiques or a piano in your apartment, then you will require a team of professional movers.

For small moves like this one, you have several options at hand.

You may opt just to rent the truck.  You can do the packing and everything that will be required for the move.  You will only need to pay for the truck and maybe a couple of helpers to assist with loading your stuff.

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Tips in Preparing For Moving Day

Are you relocating your residence or your office?  Do you want to make sure that there will be no problems in moving to your new residence or office?  If you want to avoid stress in moving to your new location, it is necessary to properly prepare.

We’re going to discuss a few things you need to do to prepare for moving day and therefore avoid stress.

Preparing for a Move in or around Victoria BC Canada

Several weeks before your move, get a log book.  Record everything you need in order to make the move to your new location as smooth as possible.

Planning for the move a few days ahead will make it stressful and thus,

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