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2 Burley Men Moving & Storage is thrilled to welcome Abbotsford’s Save On Moving & Storage to our little family of hard-working moving professionals. Save On Moving has been doing business on the Lower Mainland for over 20 years. Now that we’re working together with 2 Burley Men’s processes and marketing we expect to be expanding quickly across the lower mainland. Lucky residents of Coquitlam will be seeing our Save On Moving trucks rolling around town and taking advantage of our great prices, reliability, and mad packing, loading, and moving skills.

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Welcome to 2 Burley Men Moving - your expert local moving company in Coquitlam. We specialize in local moves throughout the greater Coquitlam area. We also move our Coquitlam customers to communities all over Alberta and British Columbia.

Our local Coquitlam moving trucks are rolling through every neighbourhood in the Coquitlam every day. From Camp River on Fairfield Island to Rosedale, Downtown, and East Coquitlam in the North to the Southside communities of Atchelitz, Cultis Lake, Yarrow, Sardis, and Ryder Lake.

2 Burley Men Moving in Coquitlam can outfit you with all of the moving supplies you need for the big day. We carry everything from boxes to tape, shrink wrap to bubble wrap.

Our prices on moving supplies are super competitive plus we may be able to deliver them right to your door!

1-5cf-cube12-5/8" L x 16-3/8" W x 12-5/8" H A versatile small box suitable for your heaviest items. Perfect for books, tools, knick-knacks or even old fashioned CDs and DVDs. Price: $2.50
2cf18 ¼” L x 15 ¼” W x 12 ½” H A small-medium box perfect for larger heavy items that won't squeeze into the 1.5 cubic foot box. Price: $3.00
4cf-m18″ L x 18″ W x 21″ H Keep it lighter in the 4 cubic foot box. Bed linens, clothing, plastic containers and toys will be right at home in here. Price: $4.50
4cf-m17 ¾”L x 17 ¾” W x 28″ H Stuff the big, bulky light stuff in this one. Just right for comforters and pillows, coats, towels and sofa cushions. Price: $5.00
17 ¾” L x 17 ¾” W x 28″ H Specially designed to protect your dishes, the dish pack box should be used in conjunction with our packing paper and bubble wrap. Appropriate for your good china, everyday dishes, serving dishes and silverware. Price: $8.50
img_041924″ L x 24″ W x 48″ H If you're serious about making your packing experience simpler and easier, this wardrobe box is essential. Order enough so that you can just pop all your hangers off the rail in your closet and hang them in here. Tape it up and meet it on the other end with all your cloths in the same shape they were when last you saw them. Price: $17.00
mirror-small40" L 27 ½” W x 4″ Deep Designed to protect smaller mirrors or any framed artwork as well as glass table tops or shelves. Get them in pairs to protect larger items. They fit into each other and adjust to fit items that won't fit into just one. Price: $6.30
mirror-large48" L 33 ½” W x 4 ½” Deep Designed to protect larger mirrors or any framed artwork as well as glass table tops or shelves. Be sure you have enough packing paper and bubble wrap to keep things snug. Price: $8.50
packing-tape100 yard roll Price: $2.50
tape_gun_lrgComing Soon
packing-paper-01Aproximately 150 sheets Enough for a small kitchen in a bachelor suite Say goodbye to the inky mess from newspaper Price $15.00
packing-paper-01Approx 375 sheets Enough for packing a medium sized kitchen Say goodbye to the inky mess from newspaper Price: $30.00
Coming Soon
mattress-coverSealable mattress bag to protect against dirt, debris, and bedbugs during moving or storage. 91" x 67" x 14" Bag seals for maximum protection and includes microbial protection against the growth of mold and mildew. Also fits most pillow top mattresses. $8
mattress-coverSealable mattress bag to protect against dirt, debris, and bedbugs during moving or storage. 100" x 91" x 14" Bag seals for maximum protection and includes microbial protection against the growth of mold and mildew.Also fits most pillow top mattresses. $10
Our Furniture Pads are sized perfectly to cover most furniture and appliances with one pad to prevent nicks and scratches when moving. Soft, durable and washable - use over and over again Furniture pad dimensions: 68" x 85", comes with reusable storage zipper bag Sustainable - made from recycled denim $10

The real estate market in Coquitlam continued it's soft trajectory in October 2017. Inventory continues to build and sales continue to soften. This is putting downward pressure on prices. While this is not particularly good news for those homeowners trying to sell their Coquitlam area homes, but certainly makes our fair city attractive to buyers from other areas of Canada where prices are skyrocketing like Toronto and Coquitlam. For a full report on Coquitlam's October real estate sales report at the CREB website.

Rick Sanderson Review

I recently hired Two Burley Men to move my daughter and her fiancé. Not only were they on time they were actually early! Everything was moved with care and detail, nothing damaged or broken. One of the most impressive things I have seen on any move was this. Their couch did not fit in the elevator, not a problem when you work for the Burley Boys, they hauled it up 4 flights of stairs!!!! Very impressed with this company and I will always recommend them to family and friends!!!

Paris F, Abbotsford

while not usually one to write reviews, i felt compelled to do so to describe the awesome experience i had with 2 Burley Men Moving & Hauling … i had to make an unexpected move from courtenay to victoria which was stressful in itself, but what i was most concerned about was how i was gonna get my furniture & belongings moved within the 8 days i had available … primarily on the strength of the google reviews i read about this company, i decided to give them a call … i called on a monday and spoke with a fellow named scott, explaining my situation and that i had a week to move from courtenay to victoria … i was told he had a truck available that upcoming saturday afternoon and, because the truck was coming back to Read more

Rick Krupa

I have used them on several occasions and im always happy with the service.

p>All of 2 Burley Men's Moves are simply priced by the hour. This takes the guessing out of how much your worldly possessions weigh and allows us to give you an estimate over the phone based on the size of your home and number of bedrooms you have.

  • Small moves around Coquitlam can take advantage of our 1 Ton cube truck at $99 per hour.
  • Regular moves are $119 per hour based on one truck and 2 movers.
  • All moves are charged 30 minutes travel time before and after to get to and from your home.