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When we decide to make a move, it is important first to know if we have the operational capacity to carry it out. This is a situation that arises for people who own a lot of things and need more than just a couple of boxes and a truck. 

2 Burley Men is a company that has all the elements to do your move in a professional manner. We have trained equipment, local and long-distance moves, which makes us one of the best moving companies in Vancouver. We invite you to visit our website – https://2burleymen.ca/ – to learn more about our services.

To make a successful move it is important to know if you have sufficient staff, moving units and storage space for your goods. If you do not have these elements, our recommendation is to hire a professional moving company. In order to carry out your move with a professional moving company we recommend the following steps to follow:

1. Choosing the right service provider

Currently, many moving companies offer services to professionals, to find a service provider that suits your needs, you should list tasks and keep in mind some important criteria such as reviews on the internet, years that the company has been operating or the equipment they have to perform removals.

2. Elaboration of the specifications

This document allows the pre-selected companies to know if they are able to meet your needs and expectations.

To prepare for the move, first of all, you should know the possible constraints, the different operations to be carried out, the value of the goods, the materials to be transported, etc. Thus, based on the document, the moving company will know what type of personnel to deploy and what equipment will be needed.

3. The company’s situation

Based on the specifications, you should check whether a company offering your services is able to meet your needs and fulfill the legal requirements.

To do this, attention is paid to several elements: number of employees, customer references, company reputation, financial health, experience in the profession, equipment at its disposal, etc.

4. Basic services

Since different customers have different expectations, professional movers must offer flexible packages.

With the all-inclusive offer, the service provider takes care of all stages of the move. They take care of: choosing the boxes, packing, disassembling the furniture, estimating the volume, transporting the goods, installing them in the new premises, etc. However, this very practical formula does not suit all budgets.

5. Certifications


Quality standards are elements that attest to the professionalism of a moving company. Finding out what certifications the moving companies you contact have can help you make a better choice.

6. Insurance

Moving is a process in which the risk of breakage is high. Although fragile objects are optimally protected during transportation, it is always advisable to take out insurance.

Visit our website https://2burleymen.ca/ and get a free quote for your move or relocation. There you can also check the prices of our supplies and learn about our moving units. We are the best Vancouver movers. Get in touch with us!

Vancouver Moving

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Vancouver Moving

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