Moving From an Apartment in Victoria or Nanaimo BC

Moving From an Apartment in Victoria or Nanaimo BC

Are you moving from an apartment?  Are you wondering if you will need the help of a moving team if it is just a room or two that you will be moving?  If you are wondering, the answer to this will be dependent on how much stuff you have to move.

In moving from one apartment to the next, you usually do not need a huge truck.  One 10-foot truck is going to be enough but of course, if you have antiques or a piano in your apartment, then you will require a team of professional movers.

For small moves like this one, you have several options at hand.

You may opt just to rent the truck.  You can do the packing and everything that will be required for the move.  You will only need to pay for the truck and maybe a couple of helpers to assist with loading your stuff.

Then again, if you have expensive stuff like antiques or a piano, it needs professional packing and hauling.  In this case, you may include the packing in the moving package.

As an alternative, you may also just hire a moving company like 2 Burley Men to handle all the heavy lifting and driving that big truck.  If you have a vehicle that will fit a lot of your belongings, then just hire us to haul your piano and your big expensive stuff.

An important thing to keep in mind when moving is that if you decide to pack your things and just have the moving company haul them, you will be responsible for anything that happens to your stuff.

No matter who does the packing, 2 Burley Men Moving  has exceptional insurance coverage, and we are always willing to work with you to make right any damage that may occur while your furniture and possessions are in transit.

Often, it is worth it to trust the professional movers to pack your stuff too. They have professional packers and supplies to properly pack your things. When they do the packing and the hauling, they will be responsible for any breakage or damage.

Hiring a professional moving team, even if it is just moving from one apartment to the next, is often beneficial.  The professional packing and hauling services will ensure that your stuff will be properly moved.  Surely, the additional cost is going to be worth your peace of mind.

Tips in Preparing For Moving Day

Are you relocating your residence or your office?  Do you want to make sure that there will be no problems in moving to your new residence or office?  If you want to avoid stress in moving to your new location, it is necessary to properly prepare.

We’re going to discuss a few things you need to do to prepare for moving day and therefore avoid stress.

Preparing for a Move in or around Victoria BC Canada

Several weeks before your move, get a log book.  Record everything you need in order to make the move to your new location as smooth as possible.

Planning for the move a few days ahead will make it stressful and thus, ou will need a log and plan on how the move is going to go.  You may need to make a checklist and cross out everything as you finish them.

Purchase file storage and keep important documents in that file storage.

Also, contact the utility company and ask for their advice whether to disconnect or transfer the utilities.

You may also need to contact your bank and inform them of your new address with effective date.

Contact 2 Burley Men Moving & Storage.  You would need to decide if you are hiring a packing team because you have to start packing items you need and discarding the ones you do not need.

Plan to have a garage sale well in advance of your move. Everybody has a bunch of stuff they no longer need or use…you may as well make a few bucks off of it before you go!

One to Two Weeks before the Move

Clean up your cupboards, eat as much of your food as you can before the moving day so that you will not need to pack tons of pantry items up to move to your new place.

You may also need to have the car serviced at this time.  Should you have power tools or a lawnmower that uses fuel, you may want to empty them now so that there will be time to dry them up and therefore avoid problems on the moving day.

If you have kids, remember to contact their school, doctor, babysitter and others well ahead of time to notify them of your new address.

Few Days Away from the Move

Finish packing your stuff, including the ones that you do not want the packing team to touch.

Clean up the refrigerator and disassemble furniture.

Contact 2 Burley Men and give instructions to the packing team.

Conduct your garage sale so that you will be clear of extra clutter.

Assist the packing team and give instructions when necessary.

On the Moving Day

Get up early and be ready for the move.

Supervise the loading of your stuff and make sure that the moving team is properly doing as instructed.  For the things that you will be moving on your own, make sure that they are properly packed in your car.

In the new house, be sure that the utilities are already connected.  Supervise the unpacking team and sign off the documents.

Moving is stressful, but preparing for it will help you go through with the move smoothly.

Tips for Choosing a Moving Company

Tips for Choosing a Moving Company

You cannot help but feel a little worried about hiring shady moving companies to bring your furniture, appliances and other personal possessions to your new house. You have spent lots of money on these things thus you want to ensure that they arrive safely in your new abode. Here are tips to follow when choosing a moving company so that you will feel assured all the way.

You need to review all your stuff. Things you do not need anymore can be donated to charity or you can have a garage sale and make money out of them. With a smaller load, you will have a smaller moving estimate given to you.

Go ahead and call a number of moving companies. At 2 Burley Men we are not afraid of the competition. Just the opposite. We specialize in local and regional moves, but we will give you a highly competitive quote whether you’re moving around the corner or around the world.

Speak to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. They are likely to know of both good and bad moving companies. Call each of the companies recommended and then ask them of their storage, length of service, drivers’ and packers’ experience and licenses or permits. You can also call agencies regulating transportation services about the company’s license. You can also check the reputation of the company from the Better Business Bureau about any complaints against these companies.

After obtaining names of some good reputable companies, call them for quotes or estimates. You can also schedule a meeting with their sales representative at your house. He would also be able to make an inventory of your possessions to make a moving quote. Remember that these estimates or quotes are either binding, which means the stipulated amount will not increase, or non-binding which means the cost might increase at not more than 10%. Both types of moving estimates would be followed by a written contract.

After getting quotes, compare all of them. Ensure that you check every detail because one quote may separate expenses for storage, insurance and transport costs while others may not. It can be confusing and difficult to read the fine print but it will ensure that you get your money’s worth. Remember that at 2 Burley Men Moving & Hauling we do not charge for before and after travel time for moves in each of our local moving areas. That can save you a lot of money right there!

Remember that your possessions’ weight may go beyond the estimate. Ask the company of their policy on unforeseen costs and overages. Make sure to check out hidden costs such as insurance, packing fees, appliances’ preparation, packing materials, storage fees, additional furniture charges and even your beds being disassembled. It is better to be careful about expenses when it comes to hiring a moving company so that you will not pay more than what you expected.

The next thing to consider is to get the moving company with the greatest customer service there is. Even if it is pricier, you are given peace of mind as it is a company that would protect your belongings and place importance on their customers and their own reputation.

With these tips, you are more likely to get the best moving comany available. Obviously, we’re confident that you will choose 2 Burley Men for all of your moving requirements.

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