2 Burley Men Moving Company in Calgary has a great reputation in the local community for meeting the needs of those facing a local or long-distance move. If you’re looking for affordable service that is second to none, consider 2 Burley men.

If you’ve used the services of a moving company in the past, you may have noticed the less-than-reputable tactics that a lot of Small Movers in Calgary employ to pad their bills and get more money out of your pocket. At 2 Burley Men, that’s not how they do business. Early on, they developed a policy of not charging for before and after move travel time, which quickly set their company apart from other movers in the area.

While other companies raise their rates toward the end of the month, when locals are most likely to need them, 2 Burley men would never consider doing so. In fact, they have set the standards for every local moving company around Calgary.

Now you can get your moving supplies delivered right to your front door just by calling 2 Burley Men Moving at 250-686-6507. With complete packages available for every size house and individual supplies for apartments and a la carte purchases, you’ll always find what you’re looking for on their website.

For a 1 bedroom house that is approximately 500-700 square foot in size, you can get a great price on a complete moving package that includes:

– 6 x1.5 cube boxes, a versatile sized box that is suitable for even your heaviest items. Perfect weight and integrity for books, tools, knick-knacks, CDs and DVDs.

– 10 x 2.0 cube boxes, a small-medium sized box that is ideal for larger, heavy items that just won’t fit into the smaller sized box.

– 5 x 4.0 cube boxes. Great for bed linens, clothing, plastic containers, toys and other lighter weight items.

– 1 x 6 cube box, for large, big and bulky items like pillows, coats, towels, sofa cushions and more.
– 1 x China box, specially designed to protect dishes, this is a great box to use with packing paper and bubble wrap. Appropriate for china and everyday dishes alike, including serving dishes and silverware.

– 1 x Wardrobe box and bar, an essential box if you want to make moving easy. Order enough of these to simply pop all of your hangers off of the closet rails and hand them in wardrobe boxes from 2 Burley Men. Tape it up and go- they’ll be in the same condition when you get where you’re going.

– 1 small picture box, excellent for protection of mirrors and framed artwork.

– 2 x rolls of tape, durable tape that is meant to get the job done.

– 1 x 10 lbs. of packing paper, approximately 150 sheets, enough for a small kitchen.

Call the number one moving company in Calgary and make your upcoming move a breeze. 2 Burley Men Moving is dedicated to the success of your move and will work hard toward meeting your goals. Call today at 250-686-6507 for a free quote. Small Movers Calgary
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