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Roof Moss Removal Victoria

Roof Moss Removal Victoria

Unwanted moss growth on your roof can cause expensive damage over time. You need to know how to remove moss from your roof safely. So how do you remove moss from your roof?

Inspect The Roof First

You need to work with an expert to inspect your roof once or twice a year so that you can detect any issues before they require costly repairs. Check the roof for any sizable patch of moss. Take your time to check for roof leaks. Check your attic for any signs of rotting wood. A professional can help you identify structural problems, and they have all the tools required to work on your roof safely.

Removing Moss From Roof

You need to take proper precautions to remove moss from your roof if you decide to take a do-it-yourself approach. Use a rubber footed ladder, and always wear a helmet. Use safety rubber-soled boots for smooth traction. Here are steps to removing moss from your roof.

  • Scrub it off the moss

Scrubbing the roof is complex because you may damage your roof if proper care is not taken. So when cleaning moss from your roof, it's best to use a gentle scrub brush, and you need to be careful when scrubbing so that you don't scratch your roof material. If you scrub your roof too hard or use the wrong type of brush, you can shorten the lifespan of your roof.

  • Wash your roof

Washing is the best to clear the entire roof of any debris before using cleaning agents to kill off any remaining moss growth. When rinsing your roof, it's preferable to use a standard spray attached with a hose.

  • Kill the spores

50/50 chlorine bleach or vinegar and water solution are some of the spray solutions you can use to effectively kill moss growth on your roof. These formulas can kill moss growth on your roof without the risk of damaging the roof. However, these solutions can contaminate water sources or destroy your lawn, so proper care must be taken.

How To Prevent Moss Growth

  • Maintain airflow on your roof and have the right drainage to keep things dry
  • Keep the tree sticks and leaves trimmed away from your roofing to prevent shade. This will protect your roof from animals that might seek shelter or falling limbs.
  • Leaves, sticks, and other materials attract spores. Regularly cleaning (at least once or twice a year) will help stop moss spores from taking root on your roof.
  • Try to install zinc strips on the ridges if you use a traditional shingle roof. When it rains, the water will wash down some zinc that will kill moss growth.

Contact Brilliant Brothers Services

DIY can be dangerous. In most cases, the damage you cause isn't covered by home insurance or warranties. If your roof has moss problems in Victoria, Brilliant Brothers Services can help. We offer moss removal services in Victoria. Our pricing, timelines, and maintenance come with a guarantee. Contact us today at 250-514-5990 to schedule a roofing consultation.

Roof Moss Removal Victoria