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I recently hired Two Burley Men to move my daughter and her fiancé. Not only were they on time they were actually early! Everything was moved with care and detail, nothing damaged or broken. One of the most impressive things I have seen on any move was this. Their couch did not fit in the elevator, not a problem when you work for the Burley Boys, they hauled it up 4 flights of stairs!!!! Very impressed with this company and I will always recommend them to family and friends!!!


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Terry Rose

3 years ago Reply

Jacob and Juan came to my Mothers condo today in Sidney to help move out stuff that needed to go before it is put up for sale. They were so polite and organized. I really appreciated their proffessional manner that they brought to this move. My wife and I will be doing a move in the near future and I will definatley be booking them.

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