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Palmdale CA Moving Services

Palmdale CA Moving Services

Like we all know, moving can be stressful, but when you move with Adolfo & Sons, you will find that this is not the case. At Adolfo & Sons, we are one of the best movers in Palmdale. Our diligent approach removes the stress of moving.

We will answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive about our moving service on this page. But if there is something we have not covered, please feel free to contact our Palmdale movers directly at 661-674-6450. We are glad to answers any questions you may have concerning your move. 

How much will my local or long-distance move cost?

We base our Palmdale CA moving services estimate on an hourly rate, which includes the drive time from the moving company to your original home, then to your new destination. For a long-distance move, pricing is based on a flat rate. Once our expert takes an inventory of your belongings and determines the timeframe for delivery, we are delighted to provide your move’s binding price.

How far should I schedule my move?

We suggest scheduling your move as quickly as possible. The quicker you plan your move, the greater your availability in choosing convenient date and time. A good rule is to contact our Palmdale movers in advance no later than two weeks of your desired move date. While we know planning in advance is not always possible for many customers, our team does their best to help last-minute customers.

When is the most suitable time to move?

The time of moving doesn’t matter if you plan to move with Adolfo & Sons. We’re ready anytime, and our movers can handle your move with the utmost care. But keep note that the demand for moving services is always at its lowest at mid-week.

How long does moving take?

Factors such as weather, size of your belongings, the time needed to load and unload, and the direction and distance determine the amount of time it takes to move. Talk to one of our moving experts at Adolfo & Sons about your timing requirements. We want to meet your expectations.

What type of packing and unpacking services do you offer?

You can choose to let us pack your belongings if you want. We can pack all your belongings, or pack only a portion of your belongings. At Adolfo & Sons offers, we offer different packing and unpacking services to fit all moves. If you’re interested in these services, you can discuss your options with us during your estimate.

 Are there items that you cannot move?

Adolfo & Sons and other Palmdale, moving companies, will not move hazardous or explosive items such as firearms, paint, aerosols, and propane tanks as the truck’s temperature could cause these items to ignite. 

Is it reasonable to move my belongings during inclement weather?

Yes. Our moving trucks are prepared to move during rain, snow, or sleet. These trucks come equipped to keep your belongings safe from outside elements.


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Palmdale CA Moving Services

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