You purchased your new business or home, and you are considering areas moving companies that will be reliable, productive and as cost effective as they can get. 

Reliable Business

We know that reliability is important when you consider the handling of very important belongings.  You want a moving company that will make sure that they take their time with the transportation of your items.  Your items will be transported considerably well when your mover is constantly keeping their mind on proper care by using special equipment.  No one wants to end up with damaged items, as the end of their move.

While care is considered, for the proper movement of your items, timeliness is regarded.  Expect a mover that is making sure that your time moving is not stalled by impromptu breaks and long conversations.  We want to make sure your transition from A to B is cost effective.

Cost Effective

Discuss the estimated cost of your move with us, and we will possibly take into consideration the time that your move might take.  With our review of your time, you should expect a move that could save money and hassle.  We know that you want your move to be the less stressful part of your new transition.

We want you to have a clear understanding of what is being paid for.  There are moving companies that could leave you hanging in an imbalance of confusion about the possible price.  Allow us to discuss estimates with you so that when you budget your move, you’ll feel confident.

Local Move

White Rock is a beautiful area to move locally about.  We are prepared to offer our White Rock residents everything that they might have considered having from a White Rock moving company.

When you are moving locally, the cost will be cheaper than a more distanced move.  You will possibly pay less because you are not traveling hundreds of miles.  A local move is possibly going to be less expensive than a long distance move, depending on the number of items you are having transported.

With that being said, your truck would probably be back with us the same day.  Consider coming into a local service center to get more details about what to expect from your local move.

Long Distance Move

Your long distance move may be less costly than you may have imagined.  You’d be surprised with how a network of trucks, which pass through locally, could make moving far distance more accessible.  Our trucks drive throughout BC and Alberta daily. 

If you are moving a far distance from or two Little Rock, we could have a truck prepared and ready to assist you efficiently.


2 Burley Men Moving offers a variety of moving services and resources for numerous areas of Canada, including White Rock.

Including the variety of trucks, which could meet your needs, we have boxes for packing, storage facilities if you need more room for storing items and cleaning services.  Check out what 2 Burley Men Moving may have to offer your move, Little Rock.

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