When you are planning on moving locally, your requirement for a moving truck is deduced time-wise because of your proximity to the location you are moving to.  If the proximity is very close, you may not need to shell out as much money as expected.

Moving locally has the great benefit of saving you money on your moving needs and being near our great moving company, ready to help you move into your new home or business.

We are 2 Burley Men Moving and we serve the Abbotsford area.  We offer local and long distance moving resources.  Your move should be a move that is easy and does not require much stress from wondering if you have enough time or resources to complete your move smoothly.

Stress-Free Move

When you are moving, you should be able to feel as though your move isn’t adding stress that you may already have from planning your move to your new location.  You don’t want to be stressed about little things like moving costs and materials for packing.

2 Burley Men Moving will help prepare you for your move by offering you a wide selection of moving resources.  These resources include trained professional movers, various weight limited trucks (3, 5 and 7-ton possibilities to choose from), boxes, storage, and cleaning services.


Trained professional mover’s punctuality and training will impress you and save you and your family much money.  You will discover that you a mover that is extra considerate of your time will save you money. 

We understand that you are interested in maximizing your time and savings.  We want to make sure that you reach your new home or business as quickly as we possibly can.


Here’s a tip for you.  Consider having everything packed, upon your mover’s arrival.  It is crucial that you try to be as ready as you capably can.  If your things are not prepared when our movers arrive, we can’t guarantee that you will be in your new home or business as quickly.

Another tip, we like our customers to consider, includes making sure you have an idea of where you may want all your items to be placed.  This maximizes time because when you are aware of where everything may be moved, your movers will more quickly be able to set your boxes down.

Labeling your boxes with your room locations is a plus because movers will be able to place your items down more instantly.  When your items correspond to the room, you’re ready to unpack more quickly.  See how you are maximizing your time, here?

We at 2 Burley Men Moving are prepared to offer you our packing resources, as well.  Need boxes?  We have a variety of sizes which could accommodate your items well.  Abbotsford deserves the best moving services and resources. 

We at 2 Burley Men Moving are prepared to offer you our best movers and resources for completing your move into your new home or business.

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