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Cost-Efficient Tips When Hiring Granbury Movers

Let’s face it. Hiring Granbury movers will cost you money. You may think that it’s much better to rent a truck and do the moving on your own but the amount that you save isn’t that significant considering that you still pay for the U-Haul, the gas, food, and drinks for your friends or family members. Meanwhile, you pray that you don’t break anything because it comes out of your pocket.

But we will give you a few tips on how you can save money while retaining the peace of mind that your valuables, furniture, and appliances will arrive in one piece.

How to Save Money with Professional Granbury Movers 

Among the variables that will determine the final cost is the number of labor hours, the weight of the cargo, and the number of kilometers from Point A to Point B. One way to save money is to de-clutter your things.

The summer months are typically the busiest day for Granbury movers. This is also the time when they have to jack up the rates due to the demand. If you choose to move during the cold season, for instance, you may get a favorable rate.

Another way to save is to go to your local grocery stores and ask for cardboard boxes to pack your clothes.

Ask from your moving company on their policy regarding packing your valuables. Moving companies do sell specialized boxes to store fragile objects. Understand that your stuff is insured while they are under our care, so we have to make sure all bases are covered and avoid unnecessary expenses.

We may also give you the correct dimensions and specifications for the boxes that you may need for packing. We do this to let our customers know that we are not slapping a high markup on our boxes.

If you are only moving a few kilometers, it’s better to start moving some of lighter stuff into your new home. You can ask some of your family members or friends for help. Then you can leave all the heavy lifting to us.

Raising Money for Moving Expenses

You can go to your local Salvation Army or charitable organization and donate some of the things you are not using often. Talk to your accountant if you can apply for deductibles as a result of the donation. Also, ask your accountant if the state will deduct the moving expenses from the federal income tax. In most cases, they do, but it’s better to be sure.

Another idea is to initiate a garage sale, which will raise money for the moving expenses. This is just the icing on the cake since the original objective is to limit the cargo weight to the minimum.

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