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Welcome to 2 Burley Men Moving – your expert movers in Slave Lake. We specialize in moving Slave Lake residents to communities all over British Columbia and Alberta. As a BC based mover we have trucks moving our customers to back and forth between British Columbia and Alberta every day of the week. We hate to return a truck back to home base empty so why not contact us and take advantage of a terrific opportunity.

2 Burley Men Moving Ltd. began as a local mover in Victoria BC. We have been voted the #1 mover in Victoria 3 years running. Our Google Reviews are second to none – check them out on Google or visit the comments that our customers have left here on our website. As we have expanded we have found our trucks are spending more and more time in Slave Lake. Call our toll-free number at 1-844-849-4558 to see if we can accommodate your move from Slave Lake to any one of our stops in Alberta or British Columbia.

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